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Who does not know the JRC NRD-525? It still is a sought-after receiver. And rightly so. As far as large signal rejection, sensitivity and the possibility of signal processing are concerned, it still is one of the best receivers. With the NRD-525 you are very well equipped for chasing short waves. But the 525 has its flaws, too. The biggest of them is that it sounds very muffled. The second flaw is that the NF amplifier makes a lot of noise.  These unpleasant features can be got rid of with a very effective modification.  The Kiwa-modification, e.g.,  gives the radio a completely different character.  I had to find out, though,  that not all 525 have this problem.  The NRD-525G /Serial No 51505) are rather free of noise.  But with  the older 525s this noise  becomes quite annoying when you listen to the radio for a longer period of time. The tone control isn't' even worth mentioning. It is a pity that the manufacturers did not pay more attention to the audio stages of the receiver. Too bad, with such an expensive radio at the time,  better audio would have been warranted.  The NRD-525 can be highly recommended with the audio modification by Kiwa.




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