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AOR AR7030 Plus


The AR7030 Plus is an extended version of the "normal" AR7030. Just better parts were used, like the VFO-Encoder by Bourns, which is much better than the old Alps-Encoder. But in my opinion this new encoder has too many impulses per turn. As soon as it is turned slightly faster, the desired frequency is easily missed. This also correlates with the too heavy flywheel effect. On the "Plus" version, also the firmware has been updated. Therefore an accessory board can be installed, which includes a noise blanker and a notch filter.
On reception I could not hear any difference to the normal AR7030. Regarding large signal behaviour, it still does not deliver, what the technical data promises. Its "predecessor" Lowe HF225 was at least equal.
On a 20m long wire antenne, attached via Balun, the AR7030Plus has its trouble. In the evening hours ghost stations can easily be heard on higher frequencies. Except for this, the AR7030Plus is a top receiver with real good audio and sensitivity.



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