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CiaoRadio H101


What is CiaoRadio? The term means "ComputerInterfaceAudioOutputRadio".
CiaoRadio is a so-called Software Defined Radio, shortened "SDR". As CiaoRadio is a completely digital device, its performance and as well the functional range is defined by the software. Filter bandwidths and other parameters are digitally generated and their impact is very effective. There is no need to buy expensive filters to give the receiver a better selectivity. The bandwidths can easily be adjusted with the computer mouse in the lower left of the display. Multiple notch filters can also be set simply by clicking the right mouse button plus then adusting depth and width continuously. Demodulation modes can be seen on the screen. The mode C-QAM is for AM stereo. This mode is unfortunataly not often used yet. Only France Bleu on 864kHz seems to be broadcasting sometimes in AM-Stereo. DRM reception of course is also possible when using DREAM software.
Installation is very easy:
Install the software, configuration according to the manual, connect CiaoRadio via USB, connect the antenna and then let's go.
Reception is, to say it at first, very good. All signals which can be heard with the existing equipment pool are also audible on the CiaoRadio. And this in even better quality. The CiaoRadio has a very low base noise level. By the way, it has an own soundcard built in. Those many demodulation opportunities and the continuous bandwidth filters just deliver a very good reception. Over here in Central Europe the antenna question always is a big topic.
During the day it works fine with 20m long wire! Only in the evening there are large signal problems, especially above 49m and 41m bands. Also below medium wave range the reception is weak in the evening. Down there it is overloaded with large signal effects. You will have to do some experiments on the antenna side. DX is possible if all requirements are fulfilled.

Update 20.12.2015:

For the CiaoRadio gives now an ExtIO.dll for working with HDSDR and other Software.





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