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Degen DE1105


I imported this Degen DE1105 directly from China because it is not available in Europe. It is unbelievable what you get for a ridiculously small amount of60 $ or 75 CHF incl. shipping. This little radio is in a league of its own: 118x73x23 (HxLxW) and 1000 non-volatile memories divided into 10 pages. Modes are: FM (70-108 MHz), shortwave (5800KZ - 26100 KHz) and medium wave (522-1620KHz). It is even possible to listen to programs in stereo with selectable bass boost. It has one timer and three fully programmable alarm clocks. You can store the time, any frequency and the volume of the alarm clock. Reception with a 50cm long telescopic antenna is surprisingly good. Reception on shortwave is also very good because of the rather good selectivity of the radio. Listening to music on FM is a real joy especially with a good stereo earplug which is included. You will notice that there are no annoying noises when tuning the radio with the thumb wheel or the +/- button. Brilliant!! The DE1105 also has an integrated charger and a complete keyboard, a thermometer in °C etc, etc…. The workmanship is top quality. The front of the DE1105 is made of titanium colored brushed aluminum.

Scope of delivery: DE1105, protective bag made of flannel, 2 NiMh-batteries, carger and power supply stereo ear plug.

In sum, a totally fully-fledged world receiver which has no competitor in this price class.



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