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Drake R8B


Like its predecessors, the Drake R8B is a very good shortwave receiver. It is even better! Some things were improved on it which gives an obvious increased performance. The Synchronous detector has been realized with choosable side bands. Even this is a big improvement in comparision with its predecessors. It is now as good as the synchronous detector of the AOR AR7030. But also the free choosable bandwidths are a reasonable improvement compared with the predecessors. Even the automatic function is freely programmable for your own needs. The tone control also has improved and now is good usable. Still annoying is the rubber keyboard itself which has not changed at all. In reception manner it seems to be itself again, generally speaking. Very good large signal behaviour and good sound.
I compared it with the professional receiver Hagenuk RX1001 M. Reception behaviour is comparable, except for the R8B having the significantly better large signal behaviour below 500 kHz. SSB reception is where it has to surrender, there the RX1001 M is definitely better. But the Drake R8B does not need to hide
from professional receivers. It is much more flexible than many professional receivers. In reception it can mostly cope. Unfortunately the R8B is not in production anymore. It is one of the newer classical shortwave receivers which really can satisfy, besides the AOR AR7030 Plus and the Icom IC-R75.
A top shortwave receiver!



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