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Grundig G6 Aviator


Basically, the Grundig G6 Aviator is not a real Grundig.   The basic components carry the "Eton" label. The radio is probably built by Degen just like so many other radios made in China. And that was why I had the small receiver sent from the USA.  Although it carries the CE-label, it is not available in Europe and it is going to stay this way. The most interesting version is the so called "Buzz Aldrin Edition" which is the smallest radio with SSB and the air bands.  The radio covers the frequency range from 150 KHz - 30 MHz, the FM band in two varieties (76 MHz or 87.5 MHz - 108 MHz) and the air band from 117 MHz - 137 MHz.   The G6 has 700 alphanumeric memories just like the Eton (Grundig) E 5.  The G 6 has the same functions as the E5 except that the E5 has a selectable band width filter.  The G6 is the first receiver built in China of this size which can do without a clarifier for SSB reception.  SSB is tuned with a jog dial (main tuning wheel). In the "slow" position, there are approx. 10 Hz steps and an absolutely analog tuning feeling with no tuning noises.

How is reception?

I compared the "Aviator" to the Eton E 5.  By and large, reception was the same, which is remarkable for such a small radio. Also, sensitivity is about the same, with the G6 not quite as good in the long wave and medium wave range. The G6 has an extremely directional ferrite antenna so you can blank out interferences very efficiently. The bandwidth of the E 5 is much wider.  FM reception is on the same level as the E5. For stereo reception you have to use the headphones. Unfortunately, reception of the air bands is very bad. It's more like an extra to play around with. Sensitivity is not very high, either.  Also the scanning function does not work properly in this range, which is really too bad.

As is the case with almost all small world receivers, large signal immunity is not especially good. It is not advisable to connect an external antenna. This will result into overloads right away, at least in Europe. 

The radio has practically no tuning noises and only a very low internal hum. Great!!

Dimensions. : L x W x D: 124mm x 75 x 28mm.




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