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Icom IC-R71E


The IC-R71 was built in the mid 1990s. It was modified several times, from the R71 to the R71E. At the same time, the JRC NRD-525 was also on the market, which was seen as its competitor. Its reception performance are similar to the NRD-525. Just like with the older NRD-525, this receiver's flaws are the same: the noisy NF-amplifier and its partially illogical operation (filter switches). When switching from USB to LSB there is a curious and unusual frequency shift of about +/- 1.5 KHz so that the radio has to be retuned every time. When used over a longer period of time, the R71E gets rather hot which is bad for the electrics in the long run. You better make use of the 12V operation in order to avoid the 220V transformer. This modification is not exactly simple and should be done by a specialist.  Or you could use a ventilator which takes care of the excessive heat. In my R71, I replaced the AM-Filter with a 6KHz Kiwa-filter. This is narrower than the original filter. All in all, a receiver with a good  large signal rejection which is on par with newer radios.



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