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Icom IC-R8500


The IC-R8500 is not exclusively  a shortwave receiver, but it has to be taken seriously for shortwave reception, nonetheless.  The frequency range is from 100 KHz - 2000MHz continuous. Compared to other shortwave receivers which I own, the R 8500 often has a better reception quality. Due to its 5, 5 KHz filters, it sounds bright and detailed.  But in reality it is more than 8KHz wide with a bad shape factor at that. The reception of stations in AM is often accompanied by a whistling sound due to interferences. In its defense, however, it has to be said that even mere shortwave receivers have the same problem. On an undisturbed frequency, the R8500's performance is convincing and on SSB it is superb. ECSS-reception (listening to AM in SSB) is no problem because the frequency stability of the receiver is very good. For a broadband receiver,  its large signal immunity on big antennas is outstanding. The reception above 30MHz is beyond any doubt. Anyone who is looking for a radio, which  receives (almost) anything in top quality, does not get around the IC-R8500.



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