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JRC NRD-535D (Kiwa-modified)


From a technical point of view, the JRC NRD 535D is not different from the  NRD 535 DG. The 'DG' model is the one for Europe, the 'D' version  was sold in the USA. Both versions have 'BWC', the variable band width board,  "ECSS", the synchronous detector board and the 1 KHz band width filter.  The difference between this 535D and the normal 535 versions is the Kiwa-modification.  It improves the audio considerably because the audio sounds fairly muffled in the unmodified version.  This modification changes the frequency response in such a way that you might think it is a totally different radio. The AGC was modified as well. The 535 is very sensitive to electrical impulses coming from a light switch or from the crackling sounds of an approaching thunderstorm.  These impulses cause the S-meter to go up and it takes a long time for it to come down again.  During  this time, however, the radio is deaf.  That means that there is no reception possible.  The AGC-modification solves this problem.




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