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The NRD-535DG is a well-known and much sought after receiver made by JRC. It can be viewed as a further development of the NRD-525. It is characterized by its immunity to large signal interferences. The NF-amplifier was improved so that there less noise than with the NRD-525. But the typical muffled sound is still present. New technical features were added:  continuous bandwidth control and the ECSS board. The bandwidth control is not very steep and does not make much of an impression. But it still helps. Only from serial number 56005 on, the "BWC" could control the 'inter' and 'wide' filter positions. Receivers with a lower serial number could only control the 'wide' filter.

The ECSS board also has its flaws. Similar to a synchronous detector, it improves the reception of AM-broadcasts in most cases, but after some time the oscillator starts to drift and synchronization is lost. This only happens with badly aligned receivers. Additionally for CW or digital modes, there is a high-quality 1KHz quartz filter built in.

The NRD-535DG is identical in construction with the NRD-535D (USA version) and has the same features as the NRD-535DG. Kiwa offers the well-known modification for this radio, which can be highly recommended.




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