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Kenwood R-600


The Kenwood R-600 is a really a down-graded version of the R-1000. It only has the most essential features of a shortwave radio but with the same electronics for receiving. The R-600 receives from 0 - 30 MHz in AM, USB, LSB and CW. There are no memories. You switch  the radio on, select the band with the band selector, select the frequency with the VFO (which is smoother to handle than the R-1000's) and off you go.  The sound of the built-in speaker is very good and there is practically no NF- signal noise. After a warming up period, you can listen to broadcast stations in SSB. That works very well but you have to turn the VFO very carefully to select the station. The R-600 does not always tolerate large antennas; during the day it can handle a 20m longwire with some difficulty. In the evening, all hell breaks loose and the R-600 overmodulates just as  badly as the R-100.  But the R-600 works very well on a short antenna, e.g., AOR SA-7000 or the Diamond D-130.  It becomes apparent once again:  good reception does not necessarily depend on large antennas.  The R-600 serves all listeners well  who want to listen to shortwave without complications and much effort. The radio looks good, is solidly built and does not have to hide from its bigger brothers. But it has its problems with larger antennas. Just like us, the R-600 is getting on in years. Anyone who wants to buy this receiver has to be aware of the fact that it might have defects simply because of its age.



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