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Lowe HF-225


The Lowe-225 looks very Spartan. The small number  of controls reflect Lowe's philosophy.  But the radio has very good reception qualities inside.  The sound and the reception are excellent.  In the picture, the receiver is shown with its new colors.  The Lowe HF-225 has no need to shy away from its younger brother, the AOR AR 7030, both of which were developed by John Thorpe. The audio is largely  the same.  Only the intelligibility is not as good as the AR 7030's. When comparing the large signal rejection of both receivers on a 20m long wire, both of them show the same performance, although the AR 7030 is said to be a lot better according to the tests which can be read in the journals. The AR 7030 shows noticeable interferences on 22 MHz - 24 MHz and on 27 MHz.  The HF-225 is much quieter on these frequencies. During the evening hours, however, you will notice a distinct noisy background.  Another complaint concerns the mechanical manufacturing of the receiver: It is built cheaply! In comparison, the HF-150 is built like a battle ship. The HF-225 can be recommended to fans of a Spartan design and operation.



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