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Lowe HF-350


Actually, the HF-350 is no Lowe. Hidden in its case is the Palstar R30. It seems like Palstar followed Lowe's philosophy.  The operating concept is practically  identical with the Lowe receivers and is so simple that a manual is almost superfluous. Most of all: reception is very impressive!.  The large signal rejection is IP3+15dbm! During the evening hours, there were almost no 'ghost' stations to be heard on a 20m long wire antenna. The sound can be compared to the Lowe receiver, i.e.. very good! The HF-350 has 100 memories which can be scanned with the VFO.  The receiver can also be used as a portable because it can be powered with 10 AA batteries. The HF-350 can almost be seen as a reduced further stage of the HF-150



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