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Panasonic RF-B65


Every shortwave fan should be familiar with the RF-R65 because according to older tests it is the best portable world receiver. I could compare it to the Sony ICF-SW55. It can handle strong signals much better than the SW55. The SW55 produced some images from the 49m band between 5000 KHz and approx. 5500 KHz.  The B 65 shines in this respect….not a single image frequency.  This of course with its own telescopic antenna.  Regarding today’s reception conditions and in urban areas you should not ask for miracles from this portable receiver. You should leave the supplied wire antenna in its box because in most cases it will only produce overloads.  My motto is: "Less is more!". The B 65 does not shine with a lot of memories or other bells and whistles. The radio is simply good at what is expected of a good radio, i.e. good reception.  The RF-B65 is getting on in years, so, be careful when buying one!



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