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Kenwood R-5000


This is not the first R-5000 which I own.  It is difficult to find a radio which works 100%.  If you buy a used R-5000, you have to make sure you buy one with the numeric key pad and the mode selector intact.  This is a major weak point of this receiver. Behind the key pad is a membrane switch  which after some time either oxidizes or simply wears off.  If this happens, several digits will show up instead of just one when you select a frequency on the pad. Also, the R-5000 becomes very hot when you power it with 230V. Bad for the electronics! But if you find a good R-5000, buy it and operate it with 12-14 V if possible because the reception quality is simply outstanding. With some patience and luck I was able to find a new one with the help of one of my colleagues.  This R-5000 works flawlessly. The numeric keys function properly and there are no other malfunctions.  To avoid over-heating, I installed a 12V connection. Thus I can operate the R-5000 without the internal power supply which is responsible for the excessive heat and the R-5000 stays within the normal temperature range.   For AM listeners  I recommend the installation of  the AM- 6KHz filter YK88A-1. It is very selective but hard to find.  As far as its reception quality is concerned, the R-5000 is on par with the NRD-525 but just sounds better.



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