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Drake R8


The Drake R8 is a really good and wanted shortwave receiver. Very good large signal behaviour and a very pleasant sound characterize this receiver.
I compared it with the JRC NRD525, which is equal to the R8 in reception behaviour. But even the R8 does have a weakness. The rubber keys are an impertinence. The tone control is not very effective and the synchronous detector does not cope with its reputation. Only in seldom cases it could really improve the AM reception. The handling is a little painful. E.g. the operating modes can only be switched in carousel manner. In addition, the bandwidth is switched to a software-given value. The last used value is not saved.
A VHF converter can be installed, but it is of limited use. Except for these weaknesses in handling the R8 is a Top-Rx.
The successors R8A and R8B were clearly improved in handling and partly even in reception quality.




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