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Grundig Yacht Boy 80


I bought this Yacht Boy 80 at Media Markt. Reception in the European bands is rather good, but only in FM. SSB does not work satisfactorily because you cannot tune the frequencies adequately and the stations sound rather distorted. The Sony ICF-SW 7600 GR is much better in this respect; it even sports a fully fledged synchronous detector.  Tuning with the YB 80 works very well, though. With the VFO wheel, you can scan the bands without any noise.  If you want the signals to be stronger, simply connect the supplied wire with the antenna jack. But the YB 80 cannot handle the wire and flies off the handle!

Good audio quality, also on FM. SSB is useless.  If you do not demand too much of a radio, you may be happy with the YB 80, which costs 169 CHF.


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