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Icom IC-R75


The IC-R75. The final shortwave receiver by ICOM? Probably! But it's still being built but not sold in Europe anymore. It is still available in the USA, Australia and Japan. Additionally, it is rather inexpensive taking the built-in DSP-board into account. It costs about $650.00. So, the IC- R75 is a hot contender, if you want to buy a new stand-alone receiver. This very good receiver is in the same league as the AOR AR 7030, its strong signal handling capability is even a little better. Using a 35m long wire antenna and the Fenu-Loop/HDLA3, the R75 worked without any problems. The best feature of this radio is its double band pass tuning (PBT), so you can reduce the widths of the filters. This is very effective in the SSB mode. The DSP can reduce the noise in 15 steps. The automatic notch filter is also very useful of suppressing whistling noises. Additionally, the R 75 has 100 alphanumeric memories and 2 pre-amplifiers. A word of caution:  Overmodulations may occur in the evening when playing around with the preamplifiers.  The R75 can be controlled very well by PC, especially the software 'HamRadio Deluxe' can be highly recommended. The R 75 is still a top receiver.



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