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Lowe HF-150


When it came out, the Lowe HF-150 caused a minor revolution. This small and powerful receiver impresses the hobbyist with its excellent performance. His almost Spartan design ( there are only a few controls) found many fans.  Taking into account that it is a portable radio, which can be operated with batteries,  the HF-150 offers features, which many table-top receivers do not have.  There are a fully fledged synchronous detector, SSB reception, excellent sensitivity on all bands and a an audio which is almost similar to a tube radio. There is one flaw, however: Its bad large signal rejection when using large antennas.  That is no surprise, though, because the radio does not have a preselector.  That was remedied by an external preselector, the PR-150. It was not exactly cheap, however,  but the PR-150 made it possible to operate the HF-150 with large antennas.  The reception quality almost reached a  semi-professional level. After a while, some hobbyists found out how to tune the HF-150 by simple means. With this modification,  the PR-150 became superfluous and the large signal rejection of the radio could be raises to an almost professional level. In short: It is a receiver with a minimalist operation and maxi-performance. The HF-150 shown in the picture has a special display light.



Over the years, quite a few traces of usage are noticeable on the housing of the HF-150. So I have the housing revised on some devices. Also a lighting of the display was installed.



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