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Redsun RP300


The RP 300 was launched on the Chinese market at almost the same time as the Redsun RP2100.  What does the RP 300 offer? The first thing you'll notice is its tiny size. With W x H x D 120mm x 75mm x 25mm, the radio is really small. The antenna is a mere 45 cm long. But the radio does have the usual gimmicks, which modern Chinese receivers sport these days. It does not have DSP, though: The radio has 200 memories, an automatic scanning function without muting reception (!) and practically noiseless tuning. FM is from 70 MHz - 108 MHz (stereo with headphones), medium wave from 520 KHz - 1710 KHz, shortwave in two bands: SW 1>2300 KHz - 7500 KHz, SW 2>9200 KHz - 22000 KHz etc….


Prized at $30.00, you cannot expect miracles from this tiny radio. With some stations in the shortwave and medium wave range it was noticeable that the shielding of the electronics was not very effective. There were interfering noises, which were actually only present when you use the earphones. Large signal immunity is bad as could be expected.  Attempts to improve reception by extending the antenna failed because this resulted in overloads. But a direct comparison with the Aviator G6 by Grundig, which is about the same size,  showed that the Redsun RP300 is not really bad. It clearly beats the Grundig regarding sensitivity in the medium wave band.  Even the Tecsun PL-600 was not better on medium wave.  The RP300 is really good on medium wave. By and large, shortwave reception was on par with the Grundig G 6 Aviator. Selectivity is the same as the G 6.

FM reception of the RP 300 is adequate.  Sensitivity, noise, selectivity are not worse than the Aviator's.

Considering a sales prize of 33$ plus 10$ shipping, the Redsun RP 300 is an interesting receiver.  If you do not ask for the highest standards, you will be happy with the RP 300.  Good value for your money!



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