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Sony ICF-2001D


Without really looking for it, I came across the Sony ICF-2001D.  After finding out, which the seller was, I simply had to buy it because I knew him as someone who really takes care of his equipment.  I do not really have to write much about the ICF-2001D because it is known as simply the best portable world receiver which has been built so far.  Because the ICF-2001 is getting on in years (it was manufactured in the 1980s), a test of the radio is highly advisable before buying it.  Over the years, the electrical parameters change which leads to bad reception or even to defects.  But luckily, my ICF-2001D works very well. It once was serviced at Jürgen Martens' shop and he installed a high quality narrow 2.4 kHz bandwidth filter, a Murata CFJ455K5.

The ICF-2001D can really fill its owner with enthusiasm: Very good reception on all bands without any large signal problems.  The synchronous detector with its selectable side bands is a highly effective tool for unsteady frequencies. SSB works very well, too.  Receiving marine radio without the air bands on shortwave is no problem at all.  I connected the ICF-2001D to my Wellbrook ALA1530+ antenna and compared the results with my table top receivers.  Whatever I could hear with these receivers, I could also listen to with the ICF-2001D. To my astonishment, the ICF-2001D produced very few overloads.  You can use really highly effective antennas with this receiver.  But don't overdo it! It is a portable radio after all and is mainly designed for its telescopic antenna and not for too highly effective external antennas.  The ICF-Sw77 is absolutely suitable for DXing, but everybody knows that already.  Experiments with external antennas are really worthwhile.

In conclusion, it can be said the Sony ICF-2001D is still a superb receiver.  Not without reason, the synchronous detector is very popular.  The ICF-2001D is easy to operate and is solidly built.  When you see this radio in a nice and operational state, you should get it.



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