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Sony ICF-SW100S


As far as I know, the Sony ICF-SW100S is the smallest world receiver whose receive characteristics can be taken seriously. It offers the frequency ranges from 150 kHz - 30 MHz continuously in AM, AMS, USB and LSB. Additionally, there is FM from 76 MHz - 108 MHz the ICF-SW100 has 50 memories, which can be labeled with six characters each. Other functions, e.g., alarm clock, timer etc. are also built in.  Operation is straight forward and so you do not have to have the manual with you at all times.  It is really astonishing, what the Sony developers have all put in such a small case! It is a small receiver, which does not have to shy away from bigger radios as far as reception is concerned.  The strongest feature of the SW100 is the reception of shortwave stations in AM synchronous. This feature is really superb.  Who has not experienced the following situation: The selected station is interfered with by whistling noises because the neighboring station is so strong, that it affects the selected frequency.  When this happens, you activate the synchronous detector, select the sideband, which less interfered with and the annoying whistling is gone! Because the SW100 has also SSB, it is possible to listen to ham radio operators and aeronautical radio on shortwave.  On the other hand, the SW100 with its built in antenna is a little deaf, which is not necessarily a disadvantage. Thus the SW 100 does not suffer from overloads so easily as other world receivers.  If you want to listen to shortwave extensively, you connect the radio to a small wire coil or to the selective active antenna AN-100.  That is what I did. With this antenna, which is powered by the SW100, the radio gets attentive ears and you can do even DXing.  By pre-selecting three reception ranges, there is a preselection of frequency segments, which is good for suppressing large and strong signals, image frequencies etc.  All in all, a great receiver for your pocket, which is really fun and surprises you a lot. 



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