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Yaesu FRG-100


The FRG-100 is a very good shortwave receiver, which is not built any more. That is really too bad because it has a very good large signal immunity, indeed, it is one of the very few hobby receivers which can handle long wires without much overdrive. The radio has 50 memories which store the modes and the filter widths.  Unfortunately, FM is only available as an option, which is not too bad, really. One thing which is missing, though, is a frequency input keyboard. Changing frequencies with Up/Down buttons is a little cumbersome.  But you get used to it.

How is reception?

By and large it is very good! The receiver can handle large antennas. Using a 20m long wire antenna and a vertical modified 5.5m long CB-antenna, there were no overload effects. Well done!! But just like other receivers,  the FRG-100 is not perfect, either. The AGC is too slow. In case of thunderstorms, the S-meter deflects because of the electrical impulses.  During the time the S-meter goes back to indicate the actual field strength, the receiver is mute. The same effect occurs when you scan the bands fast. There is a small and easy-to-build modification to make the AGC faster. The sound is not really impressive. It reminds you of the NRD 525/535. There is small modification for this problem as well. With these modifications installed, the FRG-100 will convince you.


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