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Yaesu FRG-8800


During the 1990s, the FRG-8800 was the most favorite receiver of the shortwave listeners and was widely used.  It was a short wave receiver, which did not cost too much and offered good reception. Like many other receivers in this league, theFRG-8800 does not tolerate large antennas.  You should not use more than a 10m long wire. Active antennas should also be only used with caution.  The active antenna FRA-7700 could be attached without any problems, because it has a pre-selection feature.  The audio and the tone control work rather well. You can also add a VHF converter, which makes listening to 118 MHz - 174 MHz possible. I am sure that the FRG 8800 is still in many a shack and serves its purpose. Way back then, it was a bestseller.



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