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Telefunken E1700


The Telefunken E1700 is the direct successor of the E1500 series. The technical data are very close to those of the E1501. Only the large-signal behavior has been improved. The 30 memory locations are really new, in which frequency, operating mode and filter bandwidth can be stored. The memory function is located on the top left side of the front panel. It are the black lever switches. Its operation is easy. Select with the lever switches the memory, push the small below lever switch together with the lever right of main tuning knob down and the memory is stored. To recall the memory is the lever switch below the memory unit pushed down.


There are almost no differences in receiving performance between the E1700 and E1501. I listened for hours during many nights for situations where I could hear some differences, but I could not find any. The only difference is that the E1700 is a bit more sensitive for electrical disturbances. Electric fences and electrical clicks can be heard better with the E1700. There for there are no audio samples comparing with the E1501. The differences are, as already earlier mentioned, just nil.

What makes the E1700 so attractive? The hobby world is quite crazy for this receiver. Appealing is that this receiver is very seldom. It is almost impossible to get an E1700. Most of them are sold privately when they are available.


The E1700 is an excellent receiver. As with the E1501 you can hear the grass growing, assuming the proper antenna is connected to the E1700 and most important a QRM- quiet location.


Written at 24 Dec. 2012




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