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Although the FM+ is not about shortwave in the strictest sense, I would like to introduce it, nonetheless. The FM+ is a FM converter which was developed to be operated together with the Perseus SDR and so the excellent features of the Perseus can also be used for the FM-band. The FM+ receives the FM band from 87.5 KHz - 108 MHz and is entirely controlled ( how could be otherwise?) by PC. The FM software (GUI) is very similar to the one of the Perseus with adaptions for the FM band. The broad band spectrum is very useful and comes with a range of 1600 KHz and a continuously adjustable band width filter. The RDS-function, which makes the immediate identification of a station possible,  has to be mentioned as well.  How does the FM+ sound? In short: Excellent!! With good head phones or good loudspeakers the Microtelecom receiving system renders a breathtaking sound, when "Stereo Wide" is on. The sound is wonderfully clear when listening to strong stations. But the FM+ is not only good for armchair listening. It is very well suited for FM-DX. With its sharp filters, (adjustable from approx. 22KHz - 400KHz), weak stations can be made audible. For the first time, I could receive stations in my area, which I had never heard from.



 FM+ in Action (HD Video)


On my Diamond DA-130 (8 m above ground), the large signal rejection was excellent .

If you own a Perseus SDR and there is nothing going on shortwave, you should have a closer look at the FM+.  You can lean back and enjoy FM in "Stereo-Wide" or do some FM-Dxing. Unfortunately, the fun is not really cheap. You will have to put 299EUR on the counter.

Here you can find audio comparisons with the Reuter DR50B.

Many thanks to SSB Electronic for putting the FM+ at my disposal.

Here are some technical data : SSB Electronic product page

posted 25.08.2012


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